A good trainer can change your life.

We are disrupting the heavily emphasized aesthetic focal point in the fitness industry.

We have created a system and workouts that no longer focuses on aesthetics, but rather aesthetics becomes a byproduct of a performance focus.

Our system involves foundational movement and performance benchmarks accompanied by a intelligent and systematic method of progression.


Our team of professionals offer expertise in the field of  high performance, corrective and body transformation training.

Maverick training  is based on the concept of Structural Balance. Structural Balance is an evaluation system that looks at strength ratios between muscle groups and antagonist muscle pairs to ensure optimal performance and injury prevention.


Maverick Fitness specializes in coaching clients back to their desired body composition along with optimal health, wellbeing and high performance through holistic application of whole food eating, stress management, exercise and key lifestyle factors.

What We Believe

  1. Everyone needs a coach in life. Those who work with a coach will progress 3-4x more rapidly than working on their own.
  2. An individualized program will be 3-4 as effective as a generic program.
  3. The body performs best in a state of structural balance. A balanced body is a healthy body.
  4. Exercise is a necessary component of a strong, healthy and productive life.
  5. Most gyms drastically under serve their clients in 2 major areas:
    • Recognition of the importance of individuality when designing programs.
    • Customer service and and ongoing support.

What we do about our beliefs

At Maverick we custom craft individualized training plans that on average deliver results 3-4 times quicker to the client.

We restore bodies back to an optimal state of structural balance, posture and high performance through minimization of strength, flexibility discrepancies and careful selection of the right exercises.

Our training programs, group training, exercise selection and workouts are thoughtful, strategic and scientifically validated. . You will not find us prescribing tactless and absesntminded workouts to anyone. .